Development & Innovation

Our employees can be distinguished by their attributes, their constant endeavour in finding and defining new solutions and their continuous desire to enhance their own productivity and at the same time providing a top quality product. Not only are our employees constantly advancing themselves to meet the needs of an ever-changing market, they are also leading the market themselves by their perpetual introduction of innovative new services and work processes in their areas of expertise.

During the founding years, IKK was one of the first civil engineering companies to use a computer in trying to solve complex mathematical calculations – at that time the only available computer was on the computing facilities of the Graz University of Technology, and the calculations were programmed into the computer using data punch cards. With the development of the PC and its integration into the work place, e IKK decided to develop its own transport modelling software together with the Applied Science Department of Györ University Hungary, these technical developments and services continue to the present where our partner company Hydroconsult have just developed their own software for the monitoring and calculation of local area water levels.

By 2003 IKK had introduced a quality management system which was consequently awarded with the ISO 9001 certification. Today, IKK devots itself more than ever to its transition as a modern innovative company. Our unequivocal ambition is to introduce to the market new innovative products and services. In addition to IKK’s significant core business, is the ambition to create innovative services and products that meet all current market demands in all of the market niches, therefore placing IKK as a leading innovative company. One of the first results of these ambitions was realised in 2015 with the development of our online platform for quality and incident management in the transport sector “” a system endorsed and employed by the City of Graz, and yet another example of this ambition can be seen with IKK’s participation in the development of “wInterace” an innovative idea for the prefabricated production and installation of full thermal protection facades. Details of just some of our products and services are presented below this passage in the following articles.


Hydroconsult’s WASPI software is based on proven programs from the US Army Corps of Engineers / Hydrologic Engineering Center. The programs were further developed, adapted to the needs in German-speaking countries and provided with a pre- and post-processing interface under Windows XP to Windows 10 (32- and 64-bit systems, older versions on request). Many governmental authorities, electricity companies, engineering firms, colleges and universities use the  from input to output user-friendly programs.

These are essentially single-dimensional programs, although numerous two-dimensional problems can be fed into a quasi-two-dimensional solution. Optionally, SMS tools with N2D (Hang Water Precipitation Drainage Modeling) are also available, which allow easy further processing of results from the SMS or Hydro_As-2d programs. The new version 4.0 also includes a constantly growing hydraulic toolbox.

For further information concerning Hydroconsults WASPI software program follow the link

Gabion Sound Protection Barrier Systems

The gabion sound protection barrier system was developed during a project to find viable alternatives to conventional sound protection barrier systems, the so called absorbing gabion wall panels are the fruition of this planning project. Gabion walls themselves have been used for centuries in the construction industry, and by themselves hold no sound absorbing abilities. To be able to meet all specific standard requirements of a sound protection barrier, the gabion wall element, which consists mainly of a stone filled cage element, needed to have an additional sound absorbing core added to it, all of these project developments as well as the examination and certification to meet the official standard requirements of a sound protection barrier were carried out by the Scherf company. This new development for the stone sound protection barrier system is already being successfully applied and employed in numerous sound protection barrier system projects throughout Austria.