Complex Issues – Expert Solutions

The practical implementation of any construction or civil engineering project is a highly complex procedure, encompassing a multitude of technical and legal requirements, and influencing the local environment, the local community as well as numerous participants and stakeholders. Dealing with this numerous components and factors is never a straightforward or simple task, and the accompanying issues are not always solved or clarified ad-hoc, and it is exactly with these numerous factors and components in mind, that we have created a team of professional consultants, who are able to assess and advise on all the specific issues concerning any given project. Their objective being to clarify and substantiate all project specific key issues.

Our professional consultant team consists of members of our staff, who have at their disposal a comprehensive and established knowledge and understanding of any given project issue, and they are able to supply valid solutions and recommendations for such issues. Both of our managing directors, Bernhard Kaufmann, MSc. and Georg Kriebernegg, PhD MSc. are state registered civil engineers and have a duty to uphold the chamber of civil engineers charter, and therefore are also permitted inside the scope of their authority to establish and substantiate any surveying documentation concerning the state and public sectors.


Assessments for Authorisation Procedures

Any surveying documentation that we establish can be used when providing fundamental legal evidence in a court or just as well be used in surveying and settling any land or ground ownership issues. However our expert surveying assessments are required much more frequently in the course of applying for construction authorisation. When creating such appraisals, we distinguish between advice for project applicants (private appraisals) and appraisals as non-official experts. In the case of project applicants, our appraisals as a rule serve as validation of specific technical and legal requirements for all approval-related facts. For our non-official expert appraisals, our representatives act on behalf and in the name of the local construction authorities in examining the submitted planning documentation (including private appraisals) and ensuring that the documents are relevant and meet all technical requirements concerning the current position of a project.