Rehabilitation and Repairs of Cathodic Corrosion Protection at Parking Garage 4 at Vienna Airport

The project objective is the rehabilitation and repair of the parking garage 4 with a usable area of approx. 70,000 m² and 10 levels (including 1 lower floor) including stairwells and ramps due to the increased occurrence of cracks. On the one hand, the remediation is intended to achieve the closure of the surface in order to prevent further penetration of salt water into the concrete and the resulting corrosive attack of the reinforcement. On the other hand, the currently excessive corrosion attack is to be stopped by the method cathodic corrosion protection. In principle, the cathodic corrosion protection is only used where it is needed. The concrete installation of the reinforced concrete components contaminated with chloride is to be carried out primarily according to the cathodic corrosion protection principle according to ÖNORM EN ISO 12696. Where concrete spalling has occurred over corrosive reinforcement, a local conventional repair must be carried out before the cathodic corrosion protection measure. The existing floor coating is completely removed and renewed. A particular challenge is the maintenance of the operation of the car park during the construction measures. Through these services the existing parking deck 4 is upgraded to the projected lifetime.

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Airport Vienna AG



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