Parking Deck Railway Station Baden

Quelle: Zechner & Zechner ZT GmbH / Isochrom

Source: Zechner & Zechner ZT GmbH / Isochrom

The parking deck new building with approx. 560 parking spaces is built between Dammgasse and the existing station building instead of the dam situated there. On both ends of the track body, single-track ramps are executed. Four parking levels are established, the third level corresponding to the platform level. The entire top deck is covered for weather protection reasons. The entrance and exit is arranged in the area of Dammgasse. Four escape staircases are erected along Dammgasse, each presenting its own fire sections.

The existing passage to the station on the ground floor is maintained and is adapted to the level of the new parking level. The existing bridge over Dammgasse to the existing parking deck is shortened, adapted and then again placed on the parking deck.

Southeast of the existing reception building, the existing car park will be adapted to a new outdoor parking space, which is reachable from the parking deck. The drainage of the roof of the park deck and the drainage of the outdoor parking area are made into a infiltration tank, which is built north of the existing reception building between the platform and the new parking deck.

The necessary work and measures are carried out with the continuous maintenance of railway Operation.

Building Owner

ÖBB Infrastructure AG


Lower Austria

Services IKK

Local building supervision for the construction of a park & ride facility as a parking garage with 4 storeys and an outdoor parking space with approx. 560 parking spaces