Extension Parking Level-Thondorf Graz

The building site is located in Liebenau a district of Graz, at Liebenauer Hauptstraße 316, as part of property number 110 of the cadastral Graz Stadt-Thondorf. Access is via the access road, which is located in close proximity to the existing car park Thondorf and is located in the middle of the reversal loop of the city bus number 34.

The extension will be made to the parking garage built in 2002 (approximately 95 m x 51 m with approx. 1,200 parking spaces) in the form of an open parking deck for approx. 430 additional parking spaces and a photovoltaic system on the flat roof. In the southern area, the extension is to be increased by one level and in the northern area by two levels compared to the stock. The parking deck with five parking levels built on the existing stock is designed as a composite steel-concrete construction and is based on single and strip foundations. The extension is being erected as an independent construction and separated from the existing parking garage by a fire wall. The vertical development takes place via the new ramp constructions inside the parking deck or over the existing buildings and two new escape staircases.

In the course of the foundation measures, a vibrating pressure compaction had to be implemented to improve the ground. The roofwaters are pre-cleaned via drain pipes and subsequently via settling shafts into an underground seepage body and finally seeped into the subsoil.

A particular challenge during the construction work is that the current operation of the existing car park must be maintained and public bus line number 34 of the Holding Graz must operate. Simultaneously with the construction of the extension, the access road and the state road B73 Kirchbacherstraße in the section Liebenauer Hauptstraße will be rebuilt.



Building Owner

GBG Building and Construction Management Graz Ltd.


Graz-Thondorf, Styria

Services IKK

General planning
Site supervision
Technical supervision for technical building Equipment
Services according to construction work coordination law