New Construction of the Vordernberg Custody Pending Deportation Center

Quelle: Hertha Hurnaus

Source: Hertha Hurnaus

The objective of the construction project is the construction of a custody pending deportation center. The building is divided along the east-facing road into an elongated three-storey administrative area (building block 2) and the two-storey area of the building (building block 1), which is located behind it.

The plant is equipped with an approx. 3.5 m high enclosure of reinforced concrete on the north, south and east sides. On this enclosure there is a protective fence about 1.5 m high. To the Vordernbergbach 5 m from the property border is built a 4,5 m high guard fence. A second protective fence with a height of approx. 3 m stands in about 3 m within this outer boundary.

Building Owner

BIG with limited liability


Vordernberg, Styria

Services IKK

Construction site supervision
Construction site coordination according to the construction work coordination law