Intelligent Traffic

From Planning to Optimization

The term Intelligent Traffic is used to cover all aspects of consultation, planning and optimization of any given transport and traffic project. We consider and address all issues related to the development of an intelligent, resource friendly and efficient solution for all traffic flow models, from single traffic intersections up to complex multi-user traffic interchange systems. We cover all optimization aspects of the given project, utilizing the local infrastructure resources, which are reviewed and directed using our intelligent control and logistic software program.

Competence in all Project Phases

In the area of Intelligent Traffic, the IKK group has the ability to draw on several generations of experienced and established traffic planners and traffic engineers. Our strength lies above all in our professional competence concerning all project phases.This means that we have the resources and the ability to guide any given project, beginning with the conceptual planning, option review stage and continuing through to the tender submission stage and ending with on-site approval and implementation. As a result, our experts already at the conceptual stage have a in-depth understanding of all the framework conditions and limitations concerning all required administrative procedures.

Our traffic orientated planning is comprehensive, studied and is based on sound judgment. In addition, our ongoing research and development work in cooperation with renowned research facilities such as the Graz University of Technology (TU Graz) or the AIT in Vienna creates a motivating working environment where new ideas are developed every day and tested for the practical relevance.

Our idea of creating a team of civil engineers, geoscientists and computer scientists who work in a close partnership with each other, creates an exceptional mutual understanding and allows us to be able to develop and expand the normal limits of our engineering work. Numerous publications, specialist lectures and technical presentations as well as our co-operation in helping to establish a multitude of officialy approved guidelines are testimony to the high quality of our employees.

Consultation. Planning. Software Engineering.

The IKK group has at its disposal an extensive range of consultancy and planning services, for the specialist fields of mobility research, traffic planning and traffic engineering as well as being able to supply the corresponding engineering software.

Our experts in the field of mobility research are responsible for the acquisition of all relevant data and its analysis, the data acquisition procedure ranges from elementary traffic counts or household censuses up to freight traffic surveys. In addition, we are developing new procedures for the collection, analysis and further processing of mobility patterns and individual daily routines of entire community groups, based on mobile communication data patterns.

For the area of traffic planning, our range of services covers consultancy for municipal transport management and includes expert reviews and contributions relating to the Environmental Impact Assessment guidelines for high-speed road and railroad transport.

Our traffic engineering experts are able to supply a range of services covering all applications relevant for the optimization of traffic management as well as traffic safety and traffic flow.

Our software engineering experts work on developing solutions for improving all of our existing software programs. This allows us to offer and supply optimal, problem-specific analysing and planning tools for all relevant and specific projects.