Construction Management / Site Supervision

Construction Management: Project Management, Site Supervision & Quality Assurance

The responsibility of site supervision and construction management is to ensure a smooth implementation of our clients construction project. An essential component of construction management is the supervision and administration of a construction project. This enables the construction management team to oversee and evaluate all relevant dates and costs involved in the project, and also enables them to control all quality assurance factors involved in the project. Utilising the standard maxim of “Trust is good – but control is better!”, we are constantly working to optimize a projects construction process, this includes maintaining control over the projects budget and deadlines as well as guaranteeing an ideal construction implementation and ensuring optimum construction quality. Our clients in both building engineering and civil engineering place a high value in this approach. For the IKK group this means that each project is therefore a challenge for us to live up to this standard, without exception on every project we take on.

Our Construction Management Services

  • Reviewing of the cost evaluations
  • Client representation
  • Construction supervision and coordination
  • Verification of compliance with all official administrative requirements (eg construction, water, nature conservation and sanitary law, etc.)
  • Time frame and cost tracking / cost control
  • Quality control
  • Auditing and accounting control
  • Processing of increased/ decreased cost claims (anti-claim management)
  • Construction damage management
  • Approvals and agreements
  • Deficiency determination and rectification
  • Documentation
  • Warranty services

Our Expertise

  • Long-standing employees with extensive construction site experience
  • Continual, specialised field of expertise training
  • Internal mentoring for young employees
  • High level of decision-making responsibility
  • Integrity, presence and competence

Your Advantages

  • Fast response to project specificationalterations
  • Optimum communications and information distribution
  • Maximum cost security and time frame adherence

Building Engineering

Our range of services covers every aspect of construction from residential buildings, schools and hospitals etc.up to and including commercial and industrial buildings. Our extensive experience in the field of traffic control and command centers, enables us to supply services covering all aspects of this specialised area.

Civil Engineering

In the area of civil engineering our main focus is on the construction, restoration and renovation of highways, roads and bridges, and also includes pipeline infrastructure installation, railway construction and earthworks.

Construction Work Coordination Law (BauKG)

Another important area for IKK is that of safeguarding all health and safety issues for construction sites, and therefore this area also represents another valued facet to our range of services.  Our Project managers, working in accordance with the Austrian Work Coordination Law (BauKG) and as site coordinators handling all relevant planning and construction phases, are therefore responible for all areas and phases of a projects construction. For a large amount of our clients, public or private, our competence and experience in this area, grants them a peace of mind concerning all factors related to a construction site health and safety procedure and any federal or private legislation involved there within.

Surveying and Analysis Documentation

An important service supplied by IKK, is also our surveying and analysis service, where we compile surveying evidence and structural condition assessments for existing buildings. The relevant documents ae collated, assessed and prepared in advance of the constructions actual commencement, and serve our clients as legal evidence in the event of litigation.