Structural Engineering & Tunnel Construction

Static Constructive Work in Civil Engineering

Our specialist area of expertise in structural engineering & tunnel construction covers the areas of traffic engineering and hydraulic engineering. In particular, this concerns bridge construction, sump and basin construction, hydraulic engineering, as well as supporting and securing structures, underfloor routes, enclosures and tunnel structures in open construction.

With decades of experience behind them our team of structural engineering & tunnel construction experts are well versed in the processes involved in any structural engineering project, this experience guarantees a competent creation of static calcuations, proof of stability tests and planning in all areas of structural and special foundation construction, these calculations are based on and in accordance with all the latest federal and municipal standards, laws and regulations. Our structural engineering & tunnel construction department distinguishes itself by its close cooperation with the IKK groups infrastructure planning team.

Our Main Focus

The main focus of the IKK groups services for structural engineering & tunnel construction are for the construction and renovation of bridges and tunnels of all sizes and construction types, as well as for the static-construction processes of buildings, structures and various projects related to infrastructural and hydraulic engineering.

Tunnel in Open Construction, Underground Routes and Enclosures

To protect our living space and reduce the noise and air pollution, more and more sections on motorways, provincial roads or railway lines must be housed or built underground.

The IKK covers planning services and static calculations both for new buildings and for renovation.

The provision of services always takes place in close cooperation with the client and the various additional specialist departments, such as geology and geotechnics, operating and safety engineering, ventilation, etc.

Bridge Construction

Whether for highways, national roads, community roads or for railway networks: bridges are an essential component as well as major cost factor for any traffic construction project.

The IKK group is able to, whether for the construction of a new bridge or for the restoration of an already existing bridge, develop and implement a construction plan for every category of bridge construction utilising every recognised construction material. In addition, we are also able to supply our customers with services in the field of bridge inspection as well as the rendering of structural renovation concepts and static inspections.

The project planning and implementation is always made in close cooperation with the client, and takes into account all special conditions that the project may require, the projects planning and implementation will also always utilise current leading edge technology.

Retaining Structures

In the area of transport infrastructure and tunnel construction and also in a variety of structures developed in the field of structural engineering, there is always the need for retaining structures to compensate for any difference that may occur in the height of a structure.

In the field of retaining structures, the IKK group are able to supply services for a wide variety of construction designs including gravity dams, angle cantilever walls and back-anchored support structures as well as utilising various recognised standard and specialised materials such as reinforced concrete, shotcrete, natural stone etc..

Special requirements of our clients or any of the contracting authorities, such as the arrangement of sound protection barriers on the supporting structures, are always taken into account.

Ancillary Structures

In the course of the construction of traffic routes, there is often the need to erect various supporting structures or control systems. This applies in particular to sound protection barriers, overhead signposting structures, vehicle restraint systems, impact absorbers and also traffic control systems.

The static planning and practical implementation of these supporting structures is a common feature in almost all renovation or new construction projects, for the field of traffic infrastructure. The IKK group are proud to be associated with the extensive project of planning for, as well as the practical implementation of the overhead signposting structures and sound protection barriers that have been constructed in the last few years on a large scale accross nearly all Austrian roads and highway systems.

Hydraulic Structures

Due to the close cooperation with our sister company Hydroconsult, we at the IKK are able to supply our customers with concepts and evaluations regarding the planning and implementation for various kinds of hydro-engineering projects.

Our range of services include the static planning and construction of hydraulic structures, such as flood protection structures, fish ladders, powerhouses and intake structures.

These hydraulic structures are mainly constructed with reinforced concrete, whereby certain areas are also constructed utilising natural stone.

For the field of civil engineering and bridge construction the IKK is able to supply the following services:

  • Creation of static and construction processes for concrete, steeel, wood and composite structures
  • Research and renovation concepts
  • Structural planning
  • Project permit applications
  • Tender allocation and implementation planning
  • Renovation projects
  • Static assessments and expert evaluations
  • Static evaluations in accordance with the Austrian Institute for Construction engineeering guideline 1 (OIB RL1)
  • Evidence acquisition