Infrastructure Planning

Infrastructure Planning: Strategies for Sustainable Development

The infrastructure supplies the backbone for any fully functional economy. Roads with their control systems, railway systems, airports as well as all pipelines for gas, district heating, water, sewage, electricity and light all of these areas are just a part of an ever expanding infrastructure. Especially when we are working on an infrastructure plan, we realize that we need to take great care and that we have an extra responsibility. We need to be aware of the longevity of our structures in order therefore to be a sustainable development in our society.

IKK Civil Engineering Ltd. offers a wide range of planning and consulting services from surveying all the way to construction management. This includes the conceptual and strategic planning, as well as all the legal planning steps up until and including the construction of a project, the entire planning spectrum.

Infrastructure & Planning: Our Services

The IKK group is able to supply the following services for all road, rail, tram and airport projects, as well as for all management infrastructure and traffic control systems:

  • Project control and management
  • Constant project monitoring
  • Environmental Impact Statement planning
  • Submission planning for all civil property rights
  • Public tendering and allocation
  • Construction planning
  • Surveying and inventory controls
  • Evidence acqusition
  • Traffic and construction site logistics
  • Traffic control systems


The IKK groups expertise in road and highway planning can be considered second to none, and with decades of experience in this field we consider it to be one of our key capabilities, our experience covers all areas of planning for high-level road networks as well as in the inner-city planning area. Our expertise covers all areas of road and highway construction from the planning and implementation of new roads and highways and includes the restoration and maintenance of existing roads and highways. In addition to these services, we also handle the planning and tendering as well as the construction management for all road and highway equipment, this also includes supplying our customers with complex traffic management systems.



The IKK groups planning team for tram and railway networks can also call on a great wealth of experience and expertise, especially in the field of urban mobility routes and inner city transport axis’s as well as planning  for regional railway routes. In addition to our consulting and planning services, we also supply expert appraisals and assessments in accordance with the guidelines set out by the Austrian General Railway Act.


Our planning for the construction of airports covers all airport infrastructure planning and construction, including runways, taxiways, aprons and terminal constructions etc. In particular our airport planning adheres to all international directives and regulations concerning the planning and construction of an airport as well as taking into consideration all technical and economic aspects involved.

Decades of experience in both civilian and military aviation sectors characterize IKK as a reliable partner.

We can contribute the following services to the planning process:

  • Studies and conceptual planning
  • Proof of minimum turning curves for all types of aircraft
  • Submission and construction planning, tendering and award of contract
  • Construction management
  • Project management

Pipeline Construction

In the field of pipeline construction our focus is on the maintenance and improvement of existing infrastructures, essentially waste water, water supply and telecommunications. Accordingly, comprehensive planning, suitability testing and process engineering as well as expert on-the-spot monitoring, are key elements in achieving sustainable supply security. This includes the following services:

  • Submission planning, tender allocation and implementation planning
  • On-site construction supervision, planning and construction site coordination in accordance with the Austrain Construction Coordination Act (BauKG)
  • Project management and all associated procedures and controls
  • Creation of municipal waste water plans
  • Processing of economic subsidies and project approvals
  • Expert evaluations
  • Restoration projects
  • Certified consultation for sanitation pipeline restoration