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Hydraulic Engineering – Hydrology – Hydraulics

Our sister company Hydroconsult has been active in the field of hydraulic engineering for over than 20 years. Hydroconsult is especially active in the creation of 1 & 2 dimensional models concerning surface water hydraulics and hydrodynamic waste water network modelling, and with the development of the highly proficient WASPI software system, Hydroconsult has achieved the status of being a pioneering company in the field of hydraulic engineering.

The experience and expertise that Hydroconsult has accumulated over the past 20 years is especially important for the efficient management and practical implementation concerning precipitation discharge analysis, hazard-zone planning and hydraulogical debris considerations. Hydroconsult are also able to supply services for the creation, development and planning of all major projects, such as flood protection concepts, river engineering as well as the planning and development of hydroelectric power stations. Hydroconsult are able to supply consultation services including expert surveys and assessments for all hydraulic engineering projects or hydraulic engineering questions.


The specialist field of hydraulics is a core competency of Hydroconsult, this field covers all areas of hydraulic engineering from large-scale drainage analysis to the creation of solutions for any specific hydraulic engineering problems. All hydraulic discharge analysis can be handled using stationary or mobile assessments, as well as being calculated using 1, 2 or 3-dimensional models, and if necessary taking into account all considerations concerning any sediment transport that may be involved. This large-scale analysis takes into consideration the discharge analysis for  whole river systems, and includes the creation and development of flood protection and hazard-zone management concepts, as well as providing a significant basis for all risk assessment planning and all water conversation planning.

The assessment of any and all local impacts caused by the implementation of construction work on a body of water, the hydraulic assessments of piping and drainage systems and the management and solution for any specialised hydraulic problem are also areas which are expertly covered by Hydroconsult.


In the field of hydrology, Hydroconsult are able to provide statistical evaluation of hydrological data utilising their comprehensive experience and expertise, (precipitation data, discharge/run off data) as a basis for all water resource management planning and as well as finding solutions for precipitation flow modelling on different spatial scales – for either natural environment catchment areas/basins, and as well as in urban catchment areas/basins. The many years of experience in this field, allow Hydroconsult to carry out a comprehensive plausibility check relating to the results concerning the relevant models and statistics.

The field of hydrology concerns itself with the determination and prediction of floodwaters as a basis for the assessment of protective measures, or for the example to enable optimum restraint measures. In addition to the analysis of flood-data, long-term studies on flow, flood and residual water are a vital part of Hydroconsults wide scope of services for river and hydroelectric power station construction.

Hydraulic Engineering

Hydroconsults competence and meticulous planning in relation to all hydraulic engineering procedures, are attributes that have helped make it a leading Austrian company in the field of hydraulic engineering. Utilising creativity and with a devotion to innovation, Hydroconsult are able to adapt solutions for the fluctuating framework conditions as well as any conflict of use issues, which are economically, functionally and environmentally compatible, and above all, with regard to the latest technical and legal boundary conditions.

The wide scope of services that Hydroconsult are able to supply, range from the conceptual planning and implementation of water resource procedures for a wide variety of hydraulic engineering projects, from small water courses up to major river developments (Danube river), this includes all relevant studies and research, project tendering and as well as on-site construction supervision.

The main focus of the hydraulic engineering planning is on floodwater protection including the planning and construction of dams, mobile elements as well as retention basins, and for river engineering this includes the planning and implementation for all structuring procedures including fish ladders, flood protection barriers and breakwater etc. As well as in the planning of surface water drainage measures, waste water discharge planning and the construction of any specialised structures relevant to the projects requirements.


As a validation of their experience and competence in hydroelectric power station projects, Hydroconsult are able to point to their involvement in a large number of successful national and international projects in hydroelectric power station engineering construction. Hydroconsult’s planning services cover the entire hydroelectric power station planning spectrum from the elaboration of water resource management basics, which includes evaluating the calculations for water level duration curves, average monthly discharge levels as well as low water levels etc.

The planning and implementation of all the individual components for a hydroelectric power station, from the weir system, power house and water catchments, through to the discharge sections, high water spillways and all surface and underwater structures, are coordinated in close cooperation with the static department of IKK. Additionally, Hydroconsult are also able to complete sedimentation and run off debris analysis for all reservoir systems.

Hydroconsult Ltd. offers the following services:

Hydrology and Hydraulics

  • Precipitation discharge modeling, statistics
  • Drainage/run off systems, hazard-zone planning, waterways development concepts
  • Erosion debris hydraulics
  • Pipeline and Drainage system hydraulics
  • Groundwater
  • Adaption of solutions for specialised hydraulic issues

Hydraulic Engineering

  • River engineering and flood protection engineering
  • Bridges and specialised hydraulic structures
  • Drainage/sewer planning
  • Fish ladders


  • Water management principles, hydraulics and planning
  • Sedimentation and discharge/run off debris studies

Surface Water Drainage

  • Seepage and retention of precipitation water
  • Slope water seepage protection


  • WASPI software
  • SMS (surface water modelling system) tools