Environmental Planning

Environmental Planning: Effective Management of Noise and Pollutant Emissions

The area of environmental planning includes essential services which are also covered and considered when creating our infrastructure projects. In today’s modern world the task of planning any project must also take into consideration all environmental issues related to the project. Noise protection measures and pollutant emission reductions are already key contributors to a sustainable environmental development.

The attention to noise and pollutant emissions in the planning process requires, in addition to the complex simulation of any fututre sources and propagation paths, a comprehensive knowledge of all the extensive existing legal provisions.

Decades of experience in a wide range of projects, from the environmental assessment for a simple family home to the preparation of climate and energy concepts for the EIA concerning projects involving the construction of roads and highways, distinguishes the IKK groups expertise in this area.

Noise Protection

In the interest of any communities well being, measures are needed and required to be taken to protect people from noise pollution and its effects on their direct living environment. Our aim is to protect people from harmful and disturbing sound emissions. The cause of these sound emissions can vary from traffic on existing national and federal roads to local factories and operating facilities. We supply the following services:

  • Research and conceptual planning
  • Noise assessment for federal and municipal approval planning
  • Expert appraisals and assessments
  • Submission and construction planning as well astender allocation
  • Deposition procedures and EIA regulations
  • Formulation of a noise pollution register
  • Noise pollution surveyance and evidence acquisition

Pollutant Emissions

For the area of transport planning, it is essential to take into account the forms in which residents could be affected by any additional pollutant emissions. The IKK group has many years of experience in the forecasting of traffic emissions and the calculation of traffic-related pollutant loads into the direct environment, we are also capable of calculating which measures would be required in reducing pollutant emission levels for the direct environment. We supply the following services:

  • Development of climate and energy concepts for road and highway projects
  • Calculation of pollutant emissions from all forms road traffic
  • Expert appraisals and assessments