Civil Engineering

Civil Engineering: A Singular Area of Expertise, with Numerous Facets.

The term civil engineering encompasses the conceptual phase, planning and erection of any structure or traffic route, above or below ground level. An exception to the rule is structural and bridge construction, which is likewise assigned to the competence area of civil engineering. We at IKK understand civil engineering in all ist facets and that is why we are able to supply services for consultation, planning and construction management in all major infrastructural areas of competence: roads and highways, rail, airports, tunnels (excluding geo-technics), hydraulic engineering, residential hydraulic engineering and pipeline construction.

Environment and Durability, Key Design Parameters

Civil engineering is substantially influenced by the public contracting authorities and the long-term impact our construction projects leave on the local environment. We are fully aware of these particular responsibilities and our planning is designed to nurture long-term social benefits for all involved parties. Our engineers, civil engineers and environmental engineers relish the challenge of designing and actively shaping the local environment. We have established experience in developing the optimum solutions for the user sensitive areas between building developers, the general public, all relevant outside parties concerned and as well as all local authorities and relevant political representatives. Long-term experience, internal appraisal management and our continuous education in professional and organizational task management, as well as having technical specialists from all major specialist competencies, enable us to ensure the superior quality of our planning. In addition, our experts work using state of the art software tools and are trained in the use of all relevant interfaces and standards required for the daily data analysis of any given project.

Comprehensive Consulting and Planning Services

In the field of civil engineering, the IKK group supplies consulting and planning services, for all projects and structures, these services include all conceptual planning, pre-project planning and submission planning and if required will meet all EIA procedural standards, we also supply our customers with expert evaluations, tendering and execution planning up to and including the projects final commission phase as well as supplying all subsequent construction management services. In general our services cover all aspects and phases of any given project including all general planning and management services as well as all of the accompanying controls. Dependent on the type of building, we also offer special services, such as the acquisition of project evidence, project approval and the creation of any redevelopment concepts that may be required. We cover planning for practically all types of structures (except tunnels) in the following areas, infrastructure, water environment and pipelines, our planning starts from the initial idea and continues until the final commissioning. With our subsidiary companies Hydroconsult and ETL, we are also able to cover the specialist areas of hydrology, hydraulics, hydromechanics as well as electrical, tunnel and lighting engineering.

Civil Engineering Services

The field of civil engineering comprises of the following services:

  • Planning services for road construction, ranging from traffic requirements in urban areas up to and including the extension of any high-level road networks and all the required infrastructural facilities.
  • Preparation of redevelopment projects in cooperation with federal and provincial authorities for the highway maintenance program of the ASFiNAG which includes creating and implementing conservation and maintenance programs for existing bridges and noise protection facilities.
  • Planning of tram and railway projects for existing tram and railway networks from the conception stage until completion, this includes the designing, planning and construction for the extension and redevelopment of existing networks in urban areas as well as the designing of new infrastructural procedures and tools to facilitate the daily management of such projects.
  • Supplying services covering the technical management of the project from the project design, development and configuration phase and then through to the construction phase and including on-site construction supervision.