Building Services Engineering / TBH

Building Services Engineering: Securing and Safeguarding Standards and Guidelines

Building services engineering is a specialist field that deals with all classifications of installations and structures, as well as all of the relevant procedures relating to the development and implementation of such installations or structures. The aim of building services engineering is to find or create an optimal and usable solution for all residents and users of a given building or structure, and in the fulfilling of all the specified requirements of our clients, including adhering to all of the relevant legal and non-legal standards and guidelines concerning a structures development. This includes the configuration and procurement of all the essential equipment for heating, plumbing, electrical supply and lighting, and also includes additional services such as fire and security protection. In addition to the standard building services engineering, TBH Engineer Ltd. are also able to supply an overall view of the respective project according to all of its technical and economical criteria, and thus represent themselves as being an efficient and innovative partner in the development of sustainable and modern solutions.

TBH Engineer Ltd. – Areas of Competence

  • Heating engineering
  • Ventilating and air conditioning systems
  • Gas engineering
  • Fire protection
  • Sanitation engineering
  • Swimming pool engineering
  • Building Automation systems
  • Measurement and control systems
  • Electrical engineering
  • Lighting systems
  • KNX (konnex bus systems)/ LON (local operating network) bus systems
  • Safety/Security engineering