Architecture is similar to a cult, it is at once symbols, drawings and expression.
Architecture is the regulation of the body warmth – a protective habitation.
Architecture is provision- definition – of room and environment.
Architecture conditions psychological attitudes.
Quote from Hans Hollein [Architect, 1967]


Our team of engineers and architects are focussed on supplying services for the planning of conventional and architectural projects, this encompasses the areas of commercial and industrial construction, as well as the construction of residential and office buildings. Our team of established experts have proven experience in working together with other architects and planners in creating and developing optimal solutions for all of our customers requirements.

From Residential Construction to Urban Development

We offer the following services:

  • Project development and due diligence auditing
  • General planning for new construction and renovation stragagems
  • Project management and accompanying supervision
  • Architectural design for residential, commercial and industrial buildings
  • Structural physics and energy certification
  • Structural renovations
  • Construction site logistics

Project Development

Every building project generates and involves a wide range of specifications, requirements and framework conditions, as well as bringing togehter a large number of contributing participants. By virtue of our longterm cooperation with various private and public construction developers, we are able to contribute a vast amount of experience in the development of any given project, from the initial idea and continuing up to the project realisation. In addition to our established experience we are also able to contribute with our large network of development partners and as well as our beneficial relations within the relevant responibility authorities.

We offer the following services:

  • Feasibility studies
  • Conceptual planning
  • Official submission planning
  • Cost evaluations
  • Implementation planning
  • On-site construction management in accordance with the Austrian construction coordination act (BauKG)
  • Handover & Documentation
  • Comprehensive support and assistance during the entire warranty period

Specialists in General Planning

In general, all structural engineering planning, which is required for the implementation of a construction project, can be individualy designated as a singular planning commission, where each phase will be planned by the required specialist (i.e. architects, structural engineers, bilding service engineers) or the expertise of a general planning specialist can be utilisied, therefore enabling the consolidation of all aspects for the construction projects planning services. Furthermore, the general planner is also responsible for all on site  construction supervision. In this case, the projects developers are assisted by an expert consultant who is responsible for all the planning phases as well as construction supervision, and who represents the interests of the project developers as a whole. During the last 25 years, the IKK group has acquired extensive expertise in the area of structural engineering planning for a wide variety of construction projects. Our greatest strength is in the implementation of general planning projects as well as our established interdisciplinary proficiency. In addition to our highly qualified engineers and architects, our team includes established leadership experts who are able to oversee and manage complex construction projects in a holistic and proficient manner. In addition, DI Bernhard Kaufmann is a registered mediator and is available as an experienced mediator or moderator for the negotiation and arbitration of complex situations and contingencies.