Planning the Future

We at IKK are convinced that constant revision and innovative development are fundamental for a company’s long-term business success. IKK utilises this ethic in all aspects of its offered services and internal planning, from creating business models and new services or products, down to reviewing and developing our employees working procedures and education, as well as customer satisfaction and quality control. Our company’s vision is to develop and expand its innovative capacity, which in turn will advance and strengthen our core business services.This visionary aim has been realised in these past few years with a significant increase in our commitment to research projects and with bringing these ideas to fruition. Our commitment to innovation means we will always be ready to go one step further in developing innovative services and products, as well as supporting their successful introduction into their specialist field. This was exactly the case with our TrafficCheck project, our first independent internal development program.

Research Collaborations

The foundation for any innovation is the simple act of just having a good idea. However, at best the ideas are only the catalyst for starting an innovation process, successful innovation requires a long standing network of dependable research and development partnerships. Therefore  IKK can proudly point to its long-term cooperation with several renowned research institutions, such as the Technical University of Graz, Vienna University of Technology , the Technical University of Dresden and the AIT, Austrian Institute of Technology in Vienna. Having excellent relationships with many of our varied customers from our core business, has proved successful in the practical implementation of these innovations, in particular prototype design and development as well as the launching of the services or products into their specialist fields. It is through this to active cooperation from customers, such as the City of Graz or Vienna public transport, that our new service or product innovations can confidently enter their specialist fields.


We at IKK understand that remaining a successful company requires an international commitment to developing new ideas and service innovations, and that is why we support this internal philosophy by utilising our valuable network of partners and customers and by pledging our extensive experience as well as the financial funding of such projects. wInterface is such a project.  When we first met with Wolfgang Winter, MSc. and Ingo Riemenschneider, PhD MSc. and they explained their innovative idea to design and manufacture prefabricated, digitally printable thermal insulation facades, for use in the construction or renovation sectors, we were enthused by the idea at once, an excellent team, a great idea, and a potentially enormous global market. Production of the first patented elements is currently underway at their manufacturing plant in Brodersdorf near Graz, and with additional pilot projects throughout Austria it will not be too far in the foreseeable future before series production readiness is realised. For further information on wInterface, visit their website