Interdisciplinary Planning due to Excellent Synergies

IKK – as a part of BKW Engineering –  is one of the leading Civil Engineering Companies in Austria. Together with our sister companies Hydroconsult and TBH, we offer consulting and planning services as well as construction site management in the sectors Bulding Engineering and Civil Engineering. From the very beginning with a project idea until the final handover we supply all required services. Everthing from technical and general planning down to project management and control are covered for you.

  • Hydroconsult Ltd. is a sister company of IKK Engineering Ltd. and offers planning and consulting services in the sectors hydraulic engineering, hydrology, hydraulics and water power as well as supplying services in the following sectors: Hydrology and Hydraulics Creating […]
  • The Trafility GmbH was created in the summer of 2018 by outsourcing the IKK competence field “Intelligent Traffic”. The motivation for this spin-off was versatile. On the one hand, product development and new scalable business […]
  • 2015 the partnership between IKK and TBH Engineer Ltd. resulted from the dissolving of the e2 group. This strengthened the already long-standing cooperation between the two companies and brought about a joint vision for a successful […]
  • wInterface is a developer and producer of prefabricated thermal insulation facade elements. Via the automated manufacturing of the high-tech insulation panels and the mounting systems required to attach the panels, the entire procedure of manufacturing and […]