Planning based on Experience

The IKK Engineering Ltd. history stems back to 1976 and we can proudly look back on over 40 years of experience. From our beginning using ink pens and drawing tables we have constantly moved forward employing leading edge technology such as today’s state of the art integral CAD three dimensional planning. Over the decades this former one-man concern with ist focus on engineering services for traffic and transport has evolved into a group of companies with a network that offers customised solutions and services covering all aspects of the civil engineering and construction sectors. As part of BKW Engineering, which is active internationally, IKK as well as our customers profit from the expansion of specific competences, the expansion of market presence and the increased competitiveness of this partnership.

Combined Knowledge

In 1976 Hans Kriebernegg, PhD MSc. founded his own civil engineering office with its core competencies in traffic and transport planning. A long-term employee of this office was Bernhard Kaufmann, MSc. In 1991 Bernhard Kaufmann, MSc. decided to establish his own office, which provided  planning services for strutural engineering. In 1998 the two companies were merged and thus the engineering alliance of Kaufmann Kriebernegg ZT-OEG was established, the result being a newly founded company with established experience and expertise. In 2006 our branch office in Vienna was established with the aim of offering optimal customer services in the region. The beginning of 2008 saw the company being restructured into IKK Kaufmann-Kriebernegg Civil Engineering Ltd., and in addition to the restructuring of the company, our executive management team also experienced its own reorganisation with Bernhard Kaufmann, MSc. being joined by Georg Kriebernegg, PhD MSc. as a partnering managing director.


Interdisciplinary Gain

In the autumn of 2012 Hydroconsult Ltd. was integrated into the IKK concern as a subsidiary company. Thereby the IKK Group was able to supply solutions and services in the sectors water engineering, hydraulics, hydrology and surveying. Two years later, in January 2014, ETL Engineers Ltd. became a subsidiary company of the IKK group and a branch office in Marchtrenk near Wels was founded, whereby IKK  thus enlarged its scope of service to include eletrical engineering, lighting engineering and technical installation in tunnel construction. In the spring of 2017, TBH Engineer Ltd. (formerly part of the e2 group umweltengineering Ltd.) also became a subsidiary company of the IKK group. Since March 2015, when the chance arose to advance the evolution of the IKK’s building engineering sector, IKK had a collaboration with the company TBH Engineer Ltd. In cooperation with TBH the IKK group has the ability to provide services in architecture, the planning of structural framework, building services engineering and electrical engineering from a single source.


IKK re-establishes

At the beginning of July 2018, the IKK was reorganized. A holding company is founded with the family brand IKK, to which IKK Engineering Ltd. (formerly IKK Kaufmann-Kriebernegg Ltd.) and the companies TBH Engineer Ltd. and Hydroconsult Ltd. are subordinated. The previously independent ETL Engineers Ltd. was merged into the IKK Engineering Ltd. and the former department “Intelligent Traffic” was spun off into an independent company called Trafility Ltd.


IKK becomes Part of BKW

At the end of October 2018, IKK became part of BKW Engineering, a company of the international energy and infrastructure company BKW AG based in Bern, Switzerland. The network unites 30 regional companies from Germany, Austria and Switzerland into one of the largest providers of engineering services in the German-speaking area. Both companies benefit from this partnership by expanding their specific skills, expanding their market presence and increasing their competitiveness.


IKK Group is growing

In September 2019, the IKK Group was strengthened by another company. The office Daninger + Partner in Graz supplemented the range of services of the group with its specialization in industrial construction and bridge construction.

The IKK currently employs approx. 125 employees in Graz, Vienna, Pinkafeld (TBH) and Wels and is one of the leading planning offices in Austria. It offers a wide range of consulting and planning services for both public and private Clients.

  • 2019

    Expansion of the IKK Group by the office Daninger + Partner in Graz (focus: industrial construction and bridge construction)
  • 2018

    IKK becomes part of BKW Engineering, a company of the international energy and infrastructure company BKW AG based in Bern (Switzerland)
  • 2018

    Foundation of a holding company with family brand IKK, to which IKK Engineering Ltd. (formerly IKK Kaufmann-Kriebernegg Ltd.) and the companies TBH Engineer Ltd. and Hydroconsult Ltd. are subordinated; Integration of ETL Engineers Ltd. into IKK Engineering Ltd.; Spin-off of the department of Intelligent Traffic into an independent company (Trafility Ltd.)
  • 2017

    Acquisition of TBH Engineer Ltd. as a subsidiary company of IKK
  • 2015

    The IKK group collaborates with TBH Engineer Ltd. to enable an advancement in its development as a single source provider for the construction sector. The involvement with TBH Engineer Ltd. enhances ist construction service spectrum to include architectural, structural, building and electrical engineering services from one single source.
  • 2014

    With the integration of ETL the IKK group was able to expand its service portfolio to include tunnel and electrical engineering, technical installation and lighting technology as well as establishing a new ETL Engineers Ltd. branch in Marchtrenk in Wels Austria.
  • 2012

    The acquisition of Hydroconsult Ltd. as a subsidiary company of IKK, enables IKK to expand its range of services in the fields of hydraulic construction, hydrology and surveying.
  • 2008

    Restructuring of the company enables Ltd. status, thus becoming IKK Kaufmann-Kriebernegg Civil Engineering Ltd. Bernhard Kaufmann, MSc. is joined by Georg Kriebernegg, PhD MSc. as joint managing director.
  • 2006

    New branch office in Vienna founded to create and facilitate optimal customer services for the region.
  • 1998

    The creation, via the merging of the two companies, of the engineering partnership Kaufmann-Kriebernegg Civil Engineering OEG.
  • 1991

    The long-time employee Bernhard Kaufmann, MSc. establishes his own civil engineering office in order to provide planning services for structural engineering.
  • 1976

    Foundation of a civil engineering office with its core competencies in traffic and transport planning by Hans Kriebernegg, PhD MSc.