Bernd Cagran, MSc.

Urban Administration of Graz, Head of Unit for Traffic Control & Street Lighting

TrafficCheck makes it uncomplicated to be able to systematically collect and manage the requests and suggestions of road users. The continuous evaluation of customers satifaction is an important part of the quality assurance process. Since the introduction of TrafficCheck with its simplified interfaces and its complete documentation, the incident management processes are being unified, helping to create fast and effective solutions to traffic problems. IKK entered into this development process with full commitment as well as many years of experience in the field of control technology and traffic optimization. After its introduction TrafficCheck began instantly to interact with large scale data volumes and immediately created proposals for solutions based on the data that was received. Many proposals are still worth tracking, within the first two weeks we already had enough data to create around 30 new proposals. This service is an essential and effective completment to any existing technical quality assurance measures.

Markus Ossberger, PhD

Wiener Linien (Public Transport Company of Vienna)

My experience of IKK has been built over many years with longstanding co-operation on a variety of different projects. I value very highly the expertise as well as the innovative solution proposals and that the IKK representatives are reliable, exact and trustworthy.

Michael J. Schwarz, MSc.

Werner Consult

Although we are competitors in the market, we were able to work successfully in partnership upon numerous projects, in addition to the professional competence and expertise, I value the trust and reliability practised by the IKK employees.